Martijn Arts


3D Hubs 2016 - present

Software engineer, scrum master, and engineering lead for a startup working on distributing and disrupting the manufacturing market.

  • Web development tasks inside a scrum team, and working with product owners as scrum master and later engineering lead.
  • Architect and team lead for implementing integration with external platform (Thingiverse).
  • Architect and team lead for project migrating platform from legacy PHP/Drupal stack to Python/Flask.
  • On-call technical support for responding to and dealing with outages.
  • Interviewing within hiring teams for frontend, backend, full stack and devops positions

Wend 2015 - 2016

Development on mostly educational web applications for students and teachers.

  • Maintaining and updating a large primary school teacher management and training platform.
  • Setup and development of the frontend for a platform that connects scientists looking for and offering assistance.
  • Setup and development of the frontend as well as API for a magazine creation, management and discovery product for primary education for the national Dutch railway.

The IP Company 2013

Maintaining application for telephone operators to handle and transfer phone calls.

  • Fixing bugs and adding features in wxPython application.
  • Collaborating and communicating with development team.

NeoNova 2007/8/9

Maintenance of in-house web-based CMS and ERP.

  • Maintenance and expansion of PHP CMS.
  • Integration of online store environment with national Dutch payment platform iDeal.


Neemop 2014

Freelance web development for a company that facilitates recording call from any phone.

  • Converting existing PHP website to Python/Django.
  • Collaboration and communication with a designer.
  • Integration with the Stripe API for topping up account credit.
  • Integration with VoIP business exchange.

Sunkidz 2014

Freelance web design and development for a local private music lessons provider.

  • Full redesign of the website.
  • Fixing bugs in existing PHP code.
  • Expanding functionality for teachers and parents.

Freevle 2012

School project. Project creation, setup, management, and backend development for an open source virtual learning environment.

  • Setting project goals, visions, and deadlines.
  • Backend development in Python/Django and later Python/Flask.

Cygnus Gymnasium 2012 - 2013

Teacher's assistent for computer science on secondary school.


  • Forsyth Central High School: 2014, Cumming, Georgia, USA
  • Cygnus Gymnasium: 2007-2013, Amsterdam – 1 t/m 5 gymnasium (advanced mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, Dutch, English, ancient Greek)