Martijn Arts

What I've done

L1NDA 2018 - present

I'm helping with the transition from a small business into a growth-oriented startup, as a Software engineer and backend team lead. Most importantly I'm building and leading a backend development team, working closely together with the CTO. This means a lot of interviewing and defining team values, goals, and roadmaps.

I've also taken up a project to support the CEO with executing goal-oriented cultural changes. To that end, we've already started using OKRs and a metric-based anonymous feedback tool, and we're working with the team to move the needle faster.

3D Hubs 2016 - 2018

I joined 3D Hubs in February 2016 as a front-end engineer. By May I'd picked up the additional responsibilities of scrum master. In December we decided to start migrating away from Drupal; I acted as project lead and system architect for the migration to a Python-based microservices approach. In June 2017 I became one of four Engineering Leads, leading a team of three people in planning and technical decisionmaking.

I continued coaching and supporting the junior frontend engineers throughout my new fullstack position, as well as helping out with devops architecture and discussing and planning other technical architectures. I also acted as a hiring manager for frontend, backend, fullstack, and devops positions, and participated in interviewing candidates for the CTO position.

Wend 2015 - 2016

For my first "real" job I got hired as a frontend engineer at a local web agency. Here I set up several projects from scratch in Backbone.js and later Angular2/Typescript. I also picked up a bit of backend work where necessary to speed up my frontend work.

We worked mostly in the educational field. I was responsible for the frontend of several projects, including: a large primary school teacher management and training platform, frontend and API for the web portal for an education project of the national Dutch railway, and the MVP for a startup in the academic field.

The IP Company 2013

Another summer job, now working on an customer-facing product: I maintained and improved the desktop dialplan GUI, writting in Python with wxWidgets.

NeoNova 2007/8/9

During school I started working full time summer jobs. For my first job, I helped streamline the team's processes by maintaining and developing on their internal CMS/ERP.


Neemop 2014

Freelance web development for a company that facilitates recording call from any phone.

  • Converting existing PHP website to Python/Django.
  • Collaboration and communication with a designer.
  • Integration with the Stripe API for topping up account credit.
  • Integration with VoIP business exchange.

Sunkidz 2014

Freelance web design and development for a local private music lessons provider.

  • Full redesign of the website.
  • Fixing bugs in existing PHP code.
  • Expanding functionality for teachers and parents.

Freevle 2012

School project. Project creation, setup, management, and backend development for an open source virtual learning environment.

  • Setting project goals, visions, and deadlines.
  • Backend development in Python/Django and later Python/Flask.

Cygnus Gymnasium 2012 - 2013

Teacher's assistent for computer science on secondary school.


  • Forsyth Central High School: 2014, Georgia, USA
  • Cygnus Gymnasium: 2007-2013, Amsterdam (advanced mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, Dutch, English, ancient Greek)